Justification of a Project: How It Is Done and Examples

What is the justification of a project? A justification is the explanation of the reasons why you have proposed to carry out a project, be it research, work or life. It is the explained and argued explanation of the reasons that take you invest your time in the proposed project; of the implications it has Read More

What are the parts of the justification of a project?

Contributions to the scientific field Does the study allow the extension, deepening or transformation of existing knowledge in your area of study? At this point it is necessary to highlight if the research introduces novel contributions to the field in which it is framed. Problem solving Does it provide practical solutions to a specific problem, Read More

The justification for an environmental project

An environmental project is framed within field projects or feasible, tend to consider the solution of a problem that occurs in the environment or the reduction of its consequences, including the study of what causes it. They start from a direct observation of the problem, investigate it and provide solutions in this regard. The justification Read More